Audits from insurance companies are inevitable, and very stressful. Your practice has invested in creating policies and procedures, systems, and processes to ensure compliance with best practices. Maybe you wonder what policies, practices and processes you are missing. Our risk assessment services are designed to uncover these opportunities for improvement. Simply put, we will take a snapshot of your current documentation through the eyes of an auditor or governmental agency. This way you will know where you need to shore up your coding and billing practices. The results are completely confidential and only shared with you because we know you want to be proactive. 

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Looking for answers to your coding and insurance related questions, but don’t require in-house training?

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Receive answers for your questions relating to:
  • Dental coding
  • Billing dental to medical 
  • Claim rejections and denials, coordination of benefits, understanding an EOB
  • … and much more!

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Dilaine is a nationally sought after speaker. Some of her featured engagements have been:

  • Academy of General Dentistry-annual session and webinar series annually
  • American Society of Dental Anesthesiologists (ASDA)
  • Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Inspired Hygiene
  • South Dakota Dental Association AADOM
  • Wake Forest School of Medicine Dental Mountain Meeting
  • Wake Forest School of Medicine Charles
  • M. Jerge Dental Seminar
  • Yankee Dental Congress 2022

Dilaine enthusiastically and competently speaks on issues related to practice management and compliance, including coding, administration, productivity, and risk management. 

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As a Certified Professional Coder, Dilaine shares best practices for understanding coding guidelines for beginners and seasoned dental professionals alike. Areas of coding include: dental and medical procedure coding, and diagnosis coding for dental and medical claim submission. Dilaine has created a series of proven curriculums. These, and her effective teaching methods, have matured thousands of professionals nationwide. Whether you need beginner, intermediate, or advanced training solutions, Dilaine can custom tailor your team's educational experience. 

Dilaine offers customized consulting services for her clients. Some of the areas that she has consulted about include: dental and medical coding documentation, chart reviews (risk reduction), denied claims, coordination of benefits (COB), Understanding PPOs, Medicare Advantage Audits, and all claims administration issues. Whether the purpose of the consulting is training, coaching, reimbursement optimization, documentation or compliance, Tidewater can help. Dilaine offers hourly, monthly, or packaged services – and will provide a free consultation and proposal based on your practice’s individual goals.

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Dilaine has been a fabulous resource for us. She has really listened to our specific concerns, and has formulated an attainable plan for us to improve our systems. Key word being OUR. The content she provides and the service she gives is very customized to our office culture and mission. Personally the most helpful part of working with Dilaine has been her follow up with my staff. Her contact with my billing/ coding lead has helped me hold my team accountable when it comes to implementation of the protocols that Dilaine has suggested.

I had the privilege to attend the AADOM meeting in Wilmington this past Friday. First and foremost, it was an absolute amazing learning experience. Your wealth of knowledge is priceless. It was one of the most informative insurance meetings I have EVER been a part of. For that, I thank you. 

Thank you again for being so knowledgeable and having the willingness to share that knowledge.

I have been a true follower of Dilaine since I met her in 2015 through the Wilmington, NC American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) Chapter meeting. Once I first saw her present in Wilmington; I knew that she would be a true mentor to myself and others. She sat down with me after the meeting and assisted me in some things that I had been questioning to myself in coding until I understood. I know that I can turn to Dilaine in regards to just about anything in the dental office setting that I need help with. I have even met with Dilaine to give myself private training and then also training with my administrative staff.
Dilaine would be a true asset to any practice as a consultant as she is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the dental field, and is always willing to support others in their time of need by offering valuable information and teaching the correct way of how to complete tasks in the dental field. Over the past several years that I have seen Dilaine speak and teach I can see the engagement that it instills in all of the attendees to become more and more engaged in wanting to learn. Dilaine is always willing to come early and stay after for special Q & A and also helping attendees with any examples that they may have brought with them. I would highly recommend Dilaine on any of her services.

Every dental professional would benefit from a consultation with Dilaine Gloege. Over many years she has provided valuable information and real answers. She is able to customize training to fit your specific needs. She is well known in her field and generous with her time. Dilaine is also a much sought after lecturer and able to provide insight to all levels of the dental industry. I have been most fortunate to be able to engage with her and receive guidance in the ever changing world of dental insurance. Her passion and knowledge are unsurpassed in a field that is growing more complex.
Tracy London Driver

I enjoyed your Dental Compliance Institute "State of Compliance" seminar last Thursday. Tidewater Dental Consulting seems to have a razor focus on coding and dental claims and the liability that goes along with intentional and accidental miscoding procedures. Your presentation was concise and educational.
Mark A.