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Dilaine Gloege

Dental Speaker, Author, Educator, & Coach

Dilaine is a dental coding expert who is committing the second wave of her career to writing, teaching, and consulting clients. As a former insurance coordinator and practice administrator, she brings over 35 years of practical experience to bear on her work. Dilaine has authored coding and insurance publications, and is a highly sought after speaker and educator. Whether she is leading an educational program, providing consulting services, or speaking about her craft, her commitment to creating expertise in the field is evident.

Dilaine is a certified dental assistant, AAPC certified professional coder and has been an insurance coordinator and practice administer, author to various coding and insurance publications over her 35 year dental career. She creates and leads educational programs to help practice owners develop a team of experts. Dilaine speaks, presents, and consults on dental and medical billing nationwide.


Have you been caught in the riptide of improper documentation?

Anyone can be audited. External and internal chart reviews should be an important part of your standard operating procedures. Failure to document appropriately can lead to insurance audits, investigation by government authorities, loss of licensure, and much more! All team members have a responsibility for proper documentation and can be held accountable. We are storytellers, we tell the story of each patient encounter beginning to end. Can anyone read your documentation and know the story of what, how, and why? Let Dilaine teach your team to up your storytelling!


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